For Jan Martin, born in 1985 as a native of Hamburg in Germany, making music is like going underwater into a whole nother scenery, apart from daily routine and completely without rhyme or reason. His interest in electronic music has been awoken at the end of the nineties by well-known dance artists like Gigi D'Agostino or Chicane. Shortly after the turn of the millennium he began to play around with making tracks by himself.

On August 19th 2010, when his remix of "Between Heaven And Earth" by Nacho Chapado & Smaz feat. Sue McLaren was featured on Armin van Buuren's "A State Of Trance", which was the first big radio play, Jan was learning for an exam, he had to take the following day, and he would totally lose focus immediately. Another personal highlight was collaborating with Mango in 2014, who remarkably stands for a style that shaped the musical sense of Jan for quite a long time.

Ever since his first releases Jan is known for melodic progressive sound and to be one of few producers that actually like to use their own lyrics and vocals. Nevertheless he has always struggled with finding a musical identity and keeping to it, but he's learned to accept and embrace that. Without any pressure or obligation, Jan looks ahead still chasing after what thrills him the most next.



I can't control my heart
already blinding

Returning to the start
alone, alone

Here I'm frozen now
watching out for you
watching out for something new

I feel exemption now
looking out for you
hiding everything I can

written by Jan Martin

Just calm down
you got me on your side
come to rest, you're mine

Keeping up
caring for your light
cut me off in time

Act just fine
and everybody else is tricked
though you break inside

Careful now
cause I don't wanna hurt you
I don't wanna brush you off
yeah, I just see that this is tough

I wonder how
do you feel when you're near me
is this what is left of us
I am sick of your lack of trust

written by Jan Martin

have you gone away
did you find your way
somewhere else but here

welcome back again
yeah I wondered when
you'd come round

I see that fortune tonight
I put all my hope aside
my light shines half as bright
cause I know I'm lost tonight

I feel my doubts inside
in all corners of my mind
feel intents left behind
cause I know I'm lost tonight

written by Jan Martin

What if this
goes so wrong here
right now at the perfect time

We feel the sun
in our faces
wishing that it'll be just fine

And we try
to control it
keep it alive

And I'll use my time
for you
make it right

And if we
take our chances, walk along
and just slow down
and embrace life again

So that we
get together once and for all
with a head guard
and some pillows for you

written by Jan Martin

I gotta break into
like thousand pieces
or reach out for the light
go for the light

I'm shivering with fear
there's no one helping
on my way inside

Hear me now
the end is fading in

Bail me out
I've given up on myself

Tell me now
am I still on the road

Save me now

written by Jan Martin

City lights
acting on me
barely keeping on task
with you

Dreams ahead
falling on me
wish I would already
be there

You bring my soul to shape
you get me off the wall
on ordinary days

And every drop of faith
grounds on what you do
and what you make me feel

There's you
and no one else
making me complete
growing on me

And you
can stand my faults
rubbing off on me
you are all I see

written by Jan Martin